Organizational Development
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The Quality Advantage

This two-day workshop teaches the tools and philosophy of a world class organization. It emphasizes that quality process management is a function of the organization’s effectiveness. It focuses on the impact of global competition, the benefits of implementing quality throughout the organization and the continued costs of defects. Our TQM Process Management component is designed to achieve excellence in the seven principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Participants will learn:
  • The nature of quality
  • The benefits to the organization
  • How to measure white collar productivity
  • How to gain management and employee commitment
  • How to conduct customer-supplier alignment meetings
  • Components of the FADE process
  • How to structure Quality Action Teams
  • The use of Continuous Improvement Teams
  • TQM techniques and problem-solving
  • Achieving break-through solutions
  • Implementation strategies
  • How to work the plan
  • How to monitor the process