About Us

SPW Community Strategies is a 501(c)3 that assists communities and organizations to realize that doing well by doing good helps create prosperity, while accomplishing organizational objectives.

SPW Community Strategies assists organizations and communities to strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of people and communities to tackle problems related to policy, systems change, and eqitable methods of development. It provides services in four practice areas: Community Resilience, Community Engagement, Capacity Building and Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation.

Since 1992 Coeur Business Group’s  “Business First” approach for evaluating business, information and supplier relationship effectiveness and efficiency significantly increases current asset investment leverage, unlocks hidden asset value for redirection, and provides innovative strategies for competitive advantage.  Coeur Business Group’s knowledge experts successfully guide organizations through the business, information and relationship challenges confronting businesses today.

Coeur Group utilizes a business requirements-driven approach for all client engagements by first understanding the key drivers, constraints and barriers that exist within its client’s evolving competitive marketplace.

SPW partners with Coeur Group on cybersecurity, independent verification and validation, business continuity planning services, systems planning, and business process management services.

Mission Statement: To provide services that enable our clients to realize the highest levels of quality, operational results, and organizational outcomes.

SPW Principles:
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Results
SPW Differentiators:
  • We focus on Outcomes!
  • We deliver High Quality Results.
  • We do meaningful work for critical organizations.
  • We hire Veterans.
  • We deliver Excellent Customer Service at, or below, market rates.
  • We make it Right!