Organizational Development

Management Development, City of Memphis

SPW facilitates a series of workshops for managers and supervisors, based on our PACE™ Management Development Series. PACE™ is driven by four principles of individual leadership development: Personal Commitment, Access, Communication, and Engagement. Our leadership development facilitators have assisted Federal, State and local government agencies attract, develop, equip and retain top talent.

Public-Private Partnership with Public Transportation

Whenever possible, we like to transfer skills to our client's in-house staff. This is not always possible of course, depending on the size of the company. For smaller companies we endeavor to provide ongoing support at a cost they can afford. We also provide resources for trainers.

In partnership with the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), SPW launched a company-wide program to upgrade employee customer service skills and enhance supervisory and management leadership skills.

With over 40 years in the transportation industry, a breadth of experience in organizational and leadership development, and many years providing technical assistance in union environments, SPW developed employee performance standards, first-line supervisory skills development sessions, and a leadership coaching model called PACE (Personal Commitment; Access; Communication; and Engagement).

Working closely with Agency executives and management, SPW is committed to cultural transformation and MATA's vision of excellence in public transportation.

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Workforce Development

In partnership with the Workforce Investment Network (WIN), SPW has launched an agency-wide program to upgrade employee customer service skills and enhance supervisory and management leadership skills. The workshop highlights the four things that every customer wants – both internally and externally – and how to deliver it to them.

WIN provides job-driven training and skills to those seeking to enter the job market and to displaced workers. WIN operates under the Tennessee Department of Labor, federally-funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Participants' Comments

“This workshop has encouraged me to be customer service-driven internally and externally. We sometimes fail to realize that customer service works both ways with those we serve every day and our co-workers!”

“This workshop was very well thought-out and informational. I enjoyed the content and will try to practice some of the concepts presented. P.S. I felt special because of the gifts!!”

“Further enhanced my customer service skills and liked the materials provided for review and follow-up. Very Good.”

“I really enjoyed the Customer Service Workshop. It was very informative and interactive.”