About Us

Founded in 1997, SPW's team of dedicated professionals reflects the diversity of our client base and your employee workforce. SPW focuses on achieving results faster, better and cheaper by improving processes, managing human assets, and deploying customer-focused solutions, while driving organizational change. We are multi-lingual, and possess years of experience in emergency management planning and exercising.

Our Team Members are highly qualified with years of experience in Malcolm Baldrige principals, training development, leadership development, and facilitation.

SPW has in-depth experience in capacity building and culturally-competent community engagement in communities of color, rural and marginalized communities. Our projects include support for MS Gulf Coast revitalization following Hurricane Katrina; managing the county-wide selection, implementation, public awareness campaign for the electronic voting machine roll-out in one of the 50 largest U.S. communities; regional community resilience; disaster preparedness and cybersecurity for the nation’s voting systems.

SPW's team of professionals speaks five languages, designs and delivers programs for cultural competency, and has years of experience serving disadvantaged communities and businesses.

We care about our clients, their growth and their future — now, next year and many years from now.

SPW has received the following certifications:

Mission Statement: To provide services that enable our clients to realize the highest levels of quality, operational results, and organizational outcomes.

SPW Principles:
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Results
SPW Differentiators:
  • We focus on Outcomes!
  • We deliver High Quality Results.
  • We do meaningful work for critical organizations.
  • We hire Veterans.
  • We deliver Excellent Customer Service at, or below, market rates.
  • We make it Right!