DEI Organizational Development Consulting Arlington Co., VA Government
SPW holds a contract, in collaboration with Zelos, LLC, to develop and facilitate DEI interventions, as requested. Interventions can include conducting racial equity assessments; facilitating diversity, equity and inclusion workshops (virtually and in-person); conducting culturally-competent community engagement; and facilitating a leadership development series of workshops, based on culturally-competent leadership behaviors.

    DEI consulting services can include:
  • Assessing the need for and guiding relevant changes or adaptations in the department’s structure and systems
  • Culture and shared values
  • Leadership
  • Crafting strategies aligned with organizational needs Leadership Crafting strategies aligned with organizational needs

DEI – VA Department of Emergency Management
Partnering with the Olson Group, SPW:

  • Supports the Office of External Affairs and ODEI with language access needs before and during an emergency.
  • Deploys culturally-competent Equity Response Teams.
  • Develops and implements DEI training curricula and culturally-competent tools and resources.
  • Assesses and evaluates VDEM policies, plans, procedures, and programs through an equity lens.
  • Supports the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) with data collection, data analysis, and equity reporting.

  • Diversity, Cultural Competency and Organizational Assessment, State of TN, Department of Children’s Services
    SPW was engaged to assist the agency to conduct and monitor a state-wide cultural competency organizational assessment (of 6,500 employees); develop cultural competency training; conduct a strategic staffing study; revise job descriptions to include cultural competency skill sets and behaviors; and facilitate community engagement focus groups.

    Strong, Prosperous and Resilient Communities Challenge Grant, Memphis, TN
    SPW was engaged to develop and apply a racial equity lens to the catalytic moments created by big investments in infrastructure, housing, health, and climate change. The Equity Plan and Assessment Tool were applied to all projects requesting funding from the $60 million SPARCC funding pool. Working with community stakeholders, the City of Memphis and non-profit organizations, The plan operationalized racial equity; short-term and long-term outcomes; success indicators; metrics; and proposed stakeholders.


    Equity Organizational Assessment, Shelby County, TN Government
    Small Planet Works, Inc. was a project manager for Shelby County Government’s 5-Year Financial & Strategic Management Plan – In a joint venture, SPW and Public Financial Management (PFM), were engaged to conduct an extensive, year-long financial examination and business process reengineering effort of the County’s nine divisions, including the jail, the corrections facility, public works, the courts, human resources, and information technology functions. SPW conducted organizational assessment interviews with over 700 of the County's 5,800-employee base. The study resulted in the identification of cultural and climate issues; financial and resource gaps; opportunities for revenue recovery; scope of governance restructuring, and operational efficiencies.

    Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County Settlement Agreement

    Memphis, TN Pursuant to a Settlement Agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County, SPW was engaged to monitor and report on implementation of corrective action in policies, procedures and practices; staff capacity building; and decision-making in the disposition of minors presented before the court. Reporting to the responsible County Commissioner, SPW facilitated coordination and training of community court monitors; coordination with Department of Justice monitors; updating county administration; and reporting on outcomes.