Organizational Development

Performance Management

SPW consultants are passionate about delivering the best Learning & Development (L&D) solutions to help your organization evaluate strengths, develop employee skills, train leadership, and manage change. We understand the criticality of corporate learning and development, and we have the experience to help ensure your project's success. Our consultants partner with your project team, complementing and enhancing internal resources until your goals are achieved.

Develop Training Curriculum and Cross-Training Plans

An effective, job-specific training or cross-training initiative is predicated on a thorough analysis of each job position, its function, and its relationship to other functions in a given business process and in the organization. SPW uses a three-step process:

Step 1: Conduct the Job/Task Analysis

Step 2: Perform Business Process Mapping/Reengineering (BPM)

Step 3: Develop job-specific training and cross-training curriculum based on results of the job/task analysis and business process mapping efforts.

SPW will conduct training needs analyses for each position to identify the gaps between actual level of job performance and the expected or optimum level of job performance to determine specific training needs. Based on the position's competency model profile, SPW will develop the training curriculum and associated training plans or recommend external training sources to acquire the required competency. The resulting training plans will build workforce skills and ensure that future capacity needs of the organization are met.

SPW also assists organizations to design performance standards; provide coaching for improved performance; and design performance management systems.

Benefits of SPW's OD solutions:
  • Performance improvement
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improved culture
  • Improved morale
  • Increased retention
  • Increased efficiency/productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Career progression/succession planning
  • Greater commitment to the organization
  • Overall cost savings