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Business Process Reengineering

SPW provides critical services for research and preparation of planning documents related to streamlining of internal processes, business process reengineering, business modeling, and workflow mapping.

Transforming your organization starts with process change.  People, process and technology are the critical elements.  Little will change until the Processes are changed and the individual’s work changes.  Technology may speed the processing of work, but it is the processes themselves that drive the change.

Process Implementation: SPW begins business process management efforts with a clear understanding of the client issues and pitfalls integral to sustain process implementation. People, Processes and Technology are fundamental to process implementation. Our senior consultants can help you on this journey of change.

Process Modeling: SPW identifies your current business processes and business model; creates new processes; executing targeted processes using our business process management tools and refines the deployment processes to match sent to your stated requirements and business goals.

Process Optimization: SPW helps improve your business results and ensures that your business process management efforts are fine-tuned to your dynamic business goals.

Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Reengineering: SPW will work with senior management to identify key organizational processes, map each business process, ensure they comply with TN law, and determine which can be integrated. Conducting the BPM process will support WIN’s efforts to operate as a “system” in key functions; and ensure that people, processes and process results are consistent, documented and repeatable.

 SPW will lead designated process teams in mapping each of the organization’s key business processes or functions, then:
  Present our analyses and recommendations to the business unit manager for review; to identify areas of agreement and process gaps; and for validation.

√   Compare current functional responsibilities within each unit to the revisions that are recommended.

√   In coordination with affected business unit manager(s), analyze impact of recommendations. Then develop a strategic plan to move from the current workflow to the optimal workflow.  Such a plan may include employee training, reassignments, technology applications, establishment of specific performance standards, and/or other position re-engineering techniques.

√  Present analyses, conclusions and recommendations to senior management for review, approval and implementation, as appropriate.

Results of the mapping process will form the basis of any policy and procedure changes or possible job description edits.

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