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About Us

Small Planet Works designs workplace solutions that people and processes rely upon. Our Performance Excellence SeriesTM is focused in three major service categories – Process Management, Performance Methodologies and Network Technologies & Support. Achieve results faster, better and cheaper, while retaining your organization's most valuable talent and assets – its people.

Our Performance Excellence SeriesTM offers broad-based, end-to-end solutions by integrating strategy, process management and the technologies that deliver customer value. Our competitive advantage is our unique ability to combine functional and technical knowledge to fashion innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Process Managememt

Supply Chain Management

Strategic Planning

Software Process Improvement

Managing Change

Managing Diversity

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Beyond Generation X

Total Quality Management

Coaching for Performance

Exploring Leadership

Leadership Communication

Leadership Development

Management Interviewing Skills

Team Building

Effective Business Writing

Network Technologies
& Support
Business Continuity Planning

Voice / Data
Website Design
Web Hosting
Knowledge Management

Center for Business Continuity Planning
Community Resilience

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